She was working for the coffee division of M&M Mars; he spent years traveling the country expanding markets for a national coffee roaster. Steve Latham met Teresa Bianchi at a coffee sales conference in August of 2003.

Steve and Teresa married and decided to put their experience to the test by starting their own company. They quit their jobs, sold everything and moved to Steve’s home town of Birmingham – a town that barely knew what espresso was.

Steve and Teresa see the coffee industry as a community full of social and passionate people, one where knowledge comes from folks all over the globe. And while coffee is a huge industry, they believe that everyone involved seems to be connected in some way. Their dream is to see the industry continue its growth, where an espresso machine will become as common as a fountain drink machine in a restaurant and a toaster in the home. While building their legacy, knowing their customers and employees depend on them motivates them to keep striving for that dream